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Who We Are

Welcome to Kash & Ash! 

We are a premium skincare body product brand based in Katy (suburb of Houston), Texas.

We integrate our love for natural things like fruits and plants to make sensational, visually tempting, and naturally sweet scenting body care products.

Having experienced issues with very dry skin, personally and as a nurse, I have come to understand first hand the importance of intentional skincare.

For me, the love for fruits, its beauty, and smell is rooted in my childhood. I was surrounded with fruit trees and climbed on trees to pluck a fruit I wanted. As a young girl, I loved planting fruits and crops. The best part was watching them actually bear the fruits.

Now, making body products using these same fruits as part of our ingredients, shapes, or packaging containers has been a dream. We hope you enjoy this colorful, FRUITFUL, and beautiful journey with us.

If you have a question about our products or where your shipment is, we will be there for you when you need us. You can email us via our contact page or chat with us live while you shop.

Thank you for visiting our store.